Creative Industries ‘Deep Dives’

Research Associate, Dr Alicia J Rouverol, led activity on Creative Manchester’s Deep Dive project, a collaborative investigation with the Aspect Network that facilitated partnerships between academia and the creative industries.

Initially, research was conducted to understand and evaluate how the creative industries were engaged with by social science academics to highlight the activity in this area across the North of England (Greater Manchester, and Yorkshire & Humber region). This produced two reports, which aided the development of a toolkit of practical resources – in the form of guides – to offer guidance on forging mutually beneficial academia-industry partnerships. These were published as:

  • Improving Creative Industries Research Engagement
  • Improving Creative Industries-HEI Engagement
  • Models and Dynamics of Sector-Engaged Research

Overall, the creative industries report a value in engaging with academics due to mutual interests and benefits.

For further information and to access the reports and resource toolkit, visit the Creative Industries ‘Deep Dives’ project page