Interdisciplinary research at Creative Manchester

As one of the University’s four research platforms, Creative Manchester convenes, develops and sustains interdisciplinary research communities across The University of Manchester, and supports engagement with strategic partners locally, nationally and globally.

Facilitating interdisciplinary research and fostering collaboration lies at the heart of the University’s research strategy and informs Creative Manchester’s aim to support and enable research projects that emanate from vastly different disciplines at the University.

We have created a suite of short online training resources centred around four interdisciplinary research projects to help answer the questions:

  • What is interdisciplinary research?
  • What are the key considerations for interdisciplinary projects?
  • What are the benefits, value and impact of interdisciplinary research?

To answer these questions, please see the short videos, centred around Creative Manchester's three research themes Creativity, Health and Wellbeing, Creative Industries and Innovation and Creative and Civic Futures.

Creativity, Health and Wellbeing

Interdisciplinary Research case study: Care Aesthetics Research Exploration (CARE) project

Interdisciplinary research case study: Air Space

Creative Industries and Innovation

Interdisciplinary research case study: PREMIER Project – the journey of a jersey

Creative and Civic Futures

Interdisciplinary research case study: CASTOR project