Become a partner

Creative Manchester partners with people and organisations across the entire arts and culture spectrum.


Creativity is what defines us and Creative Manchester’s mission is to inspire and support the next generation of the cultural sector’s innovators to dive in. Through internships, our investment in the arts at The University of Manchester and the events we support, students across The University of Manchester will benefit from our work.


Creative Manchester is one of the largest groupings of students, educators and academics in the arts, creative and cultural disciplines, and we support the key research that our colleagues at The University of Manchester are discovering to innovate and preserve our cultural and creative spaces.

Funding bodies

Investing in our cultural sector work and research ensures the arts for the many and not the few. Creative Manchester is delighted to partner with funding bodies seeking exciting investment opportunities in Manchester’s thriving arts world.

Arts practitioners

If you have a production, a scheme, an exhibition or even just the beginning of an idea, we want to work with you to help you bring your vision to the community. There are many ways Creative Manchester can help you, from finding funding, to teaming you with research projects, to introducing you to influential organisations. Just get in touch.

Arts and cultural organisations

If you like what we do, your organisation can be part of the Creative Manchester network too, including you in events and initiatives throughout Manchester, as well as supporting your contribution to the local arts and culture sector.


Creative Manchester and its partners support social responsibility, widening participation and innovation in the arts, and we are always happy to work with the news media, bloggers and cultural marketing sector to support the work that we do.