The Whitworth

The Whitworth operates as a convening space between The University of Manchester and Greater Manchester, and so holds a special place in the hearts and minds of both.

The Whitworth is driven by its mission to enact positive social change through art by working with all communities and actively addressing what is most important in people’s lives. This mission is very much in-line with Creative Manchester’s central goals and part of an international dialogue about how evolve and adapt creative and cultural institutions to a constantly changing world.

The three key concepts of this work are:

  • Learning together through making and doing
  • Creating a place of care, consideration, and community
  • Taking action

The outstanding and innovative facilities at The Whitworth, able to house collections of 55,000 works of art, textiles, and wallpaper, along with its study centre, learning studio, collections care centre, and outdoor programmes, ensure that it can constantly achieve its goals around the three key concepts.

Given the shared values, Creative Manchester is always seeking to collaborate with The Whitworth on events and research, supporting its mission wherever possible. Some of our events and research collaborations include: