Project Plan

Organisations of Hope will bring together an innovative and diverse range of quantitative and qualitative methods, drawing on the multidisciplinary expertise of the academic team and the expertise of key partners and their community-based understandings.

Greater Manchester has a long history of collaboration and co-production, and so the project team will work closely with creative health organisations, communities and practitioners from across the city region. They will do so via a series of collaborative workshops with communities and convened conversations with practitioners and stakeholders. This process will examine actions, systems, and assets needed to ensure that creative health practitioners and organisational voices resonate throughout the ICS at city region and locality level.

Ultimately, the project aims to build a creative health coalition. This will be a diverse group of organisations and individuals that represent communities, cultural organisations, charities, and local government. The group will work together to understand how we can use existing ‘community assets’ to improve health and wellbeing and increase equity.

To inform this creative health consortium, the following project strands will take place:

  • GM creative health mapping and consortium building
  • Health inequality mapping
  • Community asset hub scoping (children and young people)
  • Community asset hub scoping (adult brain health)
  • Outcomes and dissemination